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Rebel Roundup - December 14, 2011

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Ole Miss hires Matt Luke as offensive line coach | Hugh (not Freeze)
As reported earlier, Hugh Freeze is well along in assembling a staff of coaches. His end goal, it seems, is to bring together people who "get" Ole Miss and are able to recruit well in and around Mississippi. Matt Luke fits the former part of the bill, and has enough experience as a recruiter to give this bloggeur cause for optimism regarding the latter.

Kennedy likes Rebels' depth | Hugh Again
Now that LaDarius White and Jelan Kendrick (more on him to come later - stay tuned) are eligible to play for the Rebels, we too like the depth this team should have. This team seems to be a good mix of role players, with Kendrick, White, Terrence Henry (when he's on) and Jarvis Summers serving as the more versatile anchors of the offense.

Cajuns on Road to Challenge Ole Miss | SPORTS RADIO ESPN 1420
LaDarius (which, in French, means "the Darius") White and Jelan Kendrick should have plenty of time to wet their feet and wiggle their way into this team's on-the-floor chemistry with a ho-hum game against Louisiana-Lafayette tonight in the Tad Pad.

Ole Miss loses another | On The Trail Blog - ESPN
Does it count as "losing" a prospect if the new head coach calls the kid up and tells him to look for scholarship opportunities elsewhere? Regardless, defensive back Jordan Batiste out of Lutcher, Louisiana is no longer committed to Ole Miss.