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Ole Miss Athletics Receives Generous $1M Gift

The generosity of Ole Miss alumni continues to inspire and amaze me. Yesterday, a single gift of one million dollars to go to the Ole Miss Athletics Department was announced by the Vaught Society - the big-wig fundraising wing of the UMAA. The gift, which will be used to upgrade facilities and enhance player scholarship opportunities, will go towards...... the Ole Miss tennis programs?

Apparently so. Former Ole Miss Rebel netter and apparent gozillionaire William F. Galtney has given one million dollars back to his alma mater and the tennis program of which he was a part during the early 1970's. The money will go to improving the already fancified Palmer/Salloum tennis center - one of the country's nicer collegiate tennis venues - to ideally make it the premier facility in the Southeastern Conference and one of the biggest and well-equipped nationwide.

To thank him for his generosity, the university will rename the courts in Mr. Galtney's honor.

I can't say I blame the guy. Ole Miss tennis has been the most consistenly winning program on campus over the past two decades or so, seeing NCAA postseason berths for the past 17 consecutive years and winning five SEC championships over the same timespan. Until this past season, Ole Miss had won the SEC West in tennis for nine consecutive years.

Regarding the tennis team this year, I, um, think they're supposed to be good or something? I dunno, a couple of German twins, a South African guy, and maybe some Swedish dudes will reclaim the SEC West for us. I'm hoping Ivory Tower or the Cup's resident tennis expert, 25 Days a Week, chimes in here pretty soon.