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Rebel Roundup - November 9, 2011

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Replacing Houston Nutt: Seven Potential Candidates To Read About On The Internet |
Mike Leach, Mark Hudspeth, Kevin Sumlin, oh my! Who else should we Rebels be on the lookout for to fill our forthcoming head coaching vancancy? SB Nation's editors have some ideas.

Stumbling Ole Miss starts beginning of end with outgoing coach Houston Nutt | The Washington Post
Tyrone Nix said that, regarding Louisiana Tech, the Ole Miss coaching staff's "goal is to win." He then said "I don’t know if we will or not but we’re going to give it everything we can." That's how bad it has gotten, y'all; our DC doesn't know if we're likely to beat Louisiana Tech or not.

Ole Miss commit opening things up | On The Trail Blog - ESPN
Offensive tackle prospect Jake Meador out of Whiteland, Indiana (NO WONDER HE LIKES OLE MISS AMIRITE?) was a firm commitment ot the Rebels, but now with Nutt and Markuson seeing their Rebel careers ending, the high schooler ain't sure. That's fine, Jake. I hear New Mexico ain't a bad place during the fall anyway so, go ahead, follow Nutt wherever you'd like.

At this point, I'm surprised more commits haven't left. Nutt's a player's coach for sure, so people are bound to follow him wherever.

Committee could be in place by Friday | The Clarion-Ledger
We're moving quickly to assemble the committee which will work with consultants to locate, interview, and hire our next head football coach. I, personally, love how involved Archie is with all of this. He is not only well respected and connected, but has a reputation, especially amongst the Ole Miss faithful, to uphold. He has the ability and incentives to do this right.

NFL Cornerback Reflects On Time Under Nutt | SEC NEWS
Cassius Vaughn has good memories of Houston Nutt's tenure and explains just how much the turnaround he and his staff led our team to in 2008 and 2009 means to him as a footballer.

Martavious Newby Signs with Ole Miss | Commercial Appeal
The four star shooting guard prospect out of Memphis also had offers from Tennessee, Arkansas, Georgia, and Auburn.