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Yesterday's monumental news distracted us from our typical Monday morning exercises. So whip out the double-dosage of hatred this morning, because we've gotta get ourselves in shape. I know it won't be easy, what with all of the talk about Mike Leach and Archie Manning and (somehow) Jon Gruden floating around and filling the heads of the ever hopeful and rarely pragmatic Rebel faithful, but I am confident you've got it in you.

So let's begin. Karl Malone is overrated and has a goofy voice. Willie Roaf is a fat slovenly piece of hot garbage. Ruston is a lame town. I hope you have fun getting pummelled by a half-assin' football team and a lame duck coach. And, if you beat us, it won't at all impact the Ole Miss fan base at this point, because our program's fate is very much sealed for the immediate future. How does that feel, Tech?