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Rebel Roundup - November 7, 2011

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Randall Mackey.
Randall Mackey.

Cats earn first SEC win over Ole Miss 30-13 | The Kentucky Kernel
That's "Kernel" as in "the whole seed of a cereal" or "a central or essential part," and not an egregious misspelling of "Colonel" often seen on the Colonel Reb Foundation's Facebook page.

Nutt forges ahead despite talk on future | EotC
Nothing new has come of Houston Nutt's firing - something which I maintain has taken place, even if in a purely de facto manner. Coach Nutt looks like he'll be at the helm of the program until after the Egg Bowl or, at the latest, January 1, a date on which his contractually obligated buyout is significantly reduced.

SEC Winners and Losers, Week 10 |
You'd read this headline and think that "Ole Miss" or "Houston Nutt" would be listed as one of CBS' weekly losers. But the folks at are seemingly more astute than that, and know that the guy in the hottest of water per much of the Ole Miss fan base is none other than athletics director Pete Boone.

Ole Miss vs. La. Tech preview | The Clarion-Ledger
Remember four years ago when Ole Miss played Northwestern State at home? It was Ed Orgeron's last year at Ole Miss with just a handful of weeks to go in the season. After a bunch of soul-crushing SEC losses, including losses to Vanderbilt and Kentucky, the Rebel faithful could only muster up enough enthusiasm to fill about a third of Vaught-Hemingway Stadium. The Rebels squeaked out a close one over Northwestern State (in a game which was so agonizing that yours truly left early, the only time I would do that as an undergrad), but the fate of the program and those who led it were very much decided at that point.  A week later, we were blown out by LSU at home by a score of something like 42 to 7. I very much expect the next couple of weeks to play out just like that.

Missouri Tigers' move to SEC official, but Big 12 hurdles remain | ESPN
Welcome, Mizzou. I am convinced that the trip the Tigers made to Ole Miss a few seasons ago - the most recent regular season football game Missouri has played against an SEC team - convinced them that taking road trips to Oxford, Athens, and Nashville easily beat the hell out of trips to Ames, Stillwater, and Waco.