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Ole Miss Rebels vs. Kentucky Wildcats SATURDAY OPEN THREAD

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November 5, 2011

2:30 PM Central

Commonwealth Stadium

Television: ESPNU

Radio: Listed Affiliates

Required Reading:Game Preview
Blogger Q and A
Kentucky vs. Ole Miss: What to Watch For
Houston Nutt Sees Similarities to Ole Miss in Kentucky (most notably that they're not good at football)

Trivia: Houston Nutt has lost eleven SEC games in a row. No Ole Miss coach has ever done that. We will keep mentioning this until Houston Nutt is either victorious over an SEC foe or tossed... Ole Miss' last SEC win was over none other than Kentucky last season... Joker Phillips' actual first name is Joker... Ole Miss has dominated Kentucky by a margin of 27-13-1, by far the Rebels' largest margin of victories over another SEC school.

Procedure: It's no holds barred in the game thread. We're emotional people and masochistic fans, and it shows often - especially while drinking. Still, try to be kind to visitors. Introduce yourselves. Tell us where you're posting from. Tell us what you're drinking. One can also share instant thoughts and photos via Twitter @RedCupRebellion. It'll get retweeted, if it's good. Hotty Toddy!