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SB Nation Blog Poll Ballot - Week 14

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Yes folks, in a sport not known for the acceptance of rematches, it looks like we're gonna have a rematch. Unless LSU trips over their own two feet in Atlanta by losing to the Georgia Bulldogs in the SEC Championship game, there's no real way for any of us to conceive anything other than an LSU vs. Alabama part deux forthe national title game. I bet Kevin Sumlin's pretty pissed aobut this but, hey, whatcha gonna do.

For this weeks ballot, winners jumped, losers tumbled, and USC got their just desserts after I finally decided to start paying closer attention to them. It's pretty stunning that their probation has influenced public opinion of their team's ability in the way that it has; they're a good football team and deserve recognition as such. The only thing I noticed after I completed the ballot is that TCU took a significant fall, despite a win. My justification for that is that I feel I had overrated them in weeks past. They're certainly not better than Michigan, Clemson, etc... right? Eh, maybe so. Whatever.