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Rebel Roundup - November 28, 2011

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Bulldogs savoring Egg win | The Clarion-Ledger
The idea of Mississippi State "savoring" a win over our lowly Rebels says more than any of us can regarding the mindset of the Bulldog fan base. Folks, you savor things like full-bodied red wines, well-aged scotches, perfectly grilled ribeyes, and anything else worth a significant price or trouble to procure and prepare. You don't savor something like a box of chicken McNuggets. "Savoring" the defeat of the worst Ole Miss team since the invention of color television, is, all things considered, lame.

Sayeth Dan Mullen post Egg Bowl:

Hopefully all the kids in the state of Mississippi understand this is where you come to win championships.

Hell of a trollin' job you're doing there, Dan. You know, Coach, I'm sure you think you're the smartest guy in the room, but we're all not that stupid. Well, "we" as in "those of us up north." Have fun pandering to rubes.

Bulldogs put Rebels out of their Misery | SEC Blog - ESPN
That's more like it, because that's exactly what the loss was like for the team, fans, and even coaches. After the game, Rebel nation heaved a collective sigh of "well, at least that's over with now." On with the coaching change!

Rebels Look Forward to New Regime | Rivals
Barry Brunetti says that this team needs "[s]omeone who can bring in discipline and believe in us." You know things have gotten bad when one of this team's own players - a sophomore quarterback who saw a collective total of maybe five quarters of play all season, no less - readily and fully admits that the team's problem is one of discipline and attitude wrought about by, largely, poor coaching.

Ole Miss to interview Hudspeth? | The Advertiser
Oh, there are rumors alright. We aren't sure how true they are, but we do believe that Mark Hudspeth, the head coach of the UL Lafayette Ragin’ Cajuns, either has already or will soon interview with Ole Miss regarding the job. How serious the hiring committee is regarding his candidacy, I haven't a clue.

Red Wolves' Freeze Takes To Twitter To Refute 'Report' He's Hired At Ole Miss |
Similar rumors floated about regarding Arkansas State's Hugh Freeze, to which he replied on Twitter that he was not the next head coach at Ole Miss. He is, as you all know, a legitimate candidate for the job, but we doubt that anything beyond that has taken place.

Urban Meyer Takes Ohio State Job | ESPN
Good for Urbs, good for Ohio State, good for the B1G, and good for those of us tired of hearing our fans clamor for his hiring, as if he'd retire from Florida to take the vacant Ole Miss job two years later.