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Rebel Roundup - November 17, 2011

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Ole Miss Faces Drake In Paradise Jam First Round On Friday | University of Mississippi Official Athletic Site
The Rebels arrived safely to the US Virgin Islands to make the program's first ever appearance in the Paradise Jam tournament. The Rebels will play Drake in the tournament's first round tomorrow afternoon and, if they win, presumably play Marquette in the next round. Other notable teams in the tournament are TCU, UVA, and Drexel.

Ole Miss' Nutt lauded for his teams' competitiveness against LSU |
While I doubt that Houston Nutt's last home game as the Ole Miss Rebels' head coach will be anything but an absolutely merciless beating, there is some truth to the idea that Houston Nutt can and does prepare very well against LSU. He has done it here just as he did it at Arkansas.

Zack Stoudt to start at QB for Ole Miss vs. LSU |
And Barry Brunetti is "expected to play." There really is no way any of this can end well.

Peyton Manning not interested in Ole Miss job |
Our fans can be so stupid sometimes.

Listen, just because his last name is "Manning" does not mean he is some sort of football god. "But the Colts and the Superbowl MVP and the audibles and the funny commercials and his potential retirement and DUDE HE IS A MANNING DUDE MANNING!" I get that, I get all of that, but aside from calling his own plays - something I'm not sure he even does 100% of the time - and helping highschoolers at the Manning Passing Academy, Peyton Manning has never coached anyone, ever. He has never recruited anybody, ever. He has never managed an entire program of any sorts, ever. Peyton Manning will not and should not be our head football coach. Get over it and stop being so damn dumb.

The same goes for anyone who thinks Archie Manning or Sean Touhy should be our new AD as well. Seriously, y'all, let's be less starstruck and more pragmatic about all of this.