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Pollin': SB Nation Blog Poll and SEC Power Poll Ballots

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The chaos for which I yearn continues to unfold, as Stanford loses to Oregon (okay, I didn't want that to happen) and Boise State loses, at home, to TCU. At this point, there are a multitude of scenarios which could, somehow, have really anybody in the current top-10 play in the BCS National Championship game. This means that we shouldn't be at all surprised if the LSU/Okie St. matchup we see happening right now is exactly what takes place, but the possibility of continued insanity is too exciting to not speculate over.

The SEC Power Poll is pretty predictable during this final stretch of the season.


  1. LSU - Undisputed.
  2. Alabama - They conceivably could get that rematch they're after.
  3. Arkansas - Joe Adams will make an NFL team very, very happy in a few seasons.
  4. Georgia - So now that Mark Richt is safe, does that mean that Kirby Smart's re-interested in the Ole Miss job?
  5. Sakerlina - Without Lattimore and Garcia, this team is still capable of winning.
  6. Auburn - Whatever.
  7. Florida - I never thought I'd see the Gators fighting for bowl eligibility.
  8. Vanderbilt - I'd love James Franklin at Ole Miss. He has, in just a few months, made Vanderbilt a competitive football team. They could very easily be favored over Tennessee in Neyland.
  9. Mississippi State - DAN THE MAN MULLEN GIMME MORE COWBELL /rattle
  10. Kentucky - Terrible.
  11. Tennessee - Even more terrible.
  12. Old Piss - Fuck...