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Rebel Roundup - November 14, 2011

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Ole Miss vs. Louisiana Tech: What We're Talking About | The Clarion-Ledger
If Houston Nutt weren't already a lame duck head coach, I would easily describe Saturday night's rout at the hands of Louisiana Tech, an event which took place in front of maybe a few thousand people by the game's end, as the single most embarrassing Ole Miss football moment I've ever witnessed (through the screen of my television). But, somehow, it wasn't. I attribute this to the fact that we've all collectively resigned ourselves to already looking forward to a new season which will feature a new coach to the extent that we literally cannot make ourselves care about this season any longer.

Ole Miss Wins with Defense |
It wasn't pretty, but with Terrence Henry's 15 points and Murphy Holloway's 17 rebounds the Ole Miss men's basketball team was able to win its season opener against ULM. Tonight the Rebs continue their opening stretch of ho-hum out of conference opponents with a game against Grambling in the Tad Pad. It starts at 7:00 PM. You have nothing better to do on a Monday night, and you know it; so be there.

SEC Notebook: Ole Miss' Houston Nutt is pondering his future |
What exactly does "Houston Nutt pondering his future" entail, exactly? How far in advance is he thinking? Ten years down the road to retirement? One year down the road to his debut season as the head coach of New Mexico (book it)? Thirty minutes to his next McRib?

Houston Nutt in the SEC: What Do You Make of an Enigmatic Coach? | Team Speed Kills
Getting beyond the antics that made him famous, what should we think about Houston Nutt? TSK takes a good look at Nutt's career and what the narrative regarding the coach's SEC tenure should look like.

Costly move for Ole Miss to move on without Nutt | The Dispatch
Would you like to read a poorly articulated and supported opinion as to why we're all a bunch of idiots for putting ourselves in the coaching situation we are in? Here ya go.