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We Could Legitimately Lose to Louisiana Tech. I'm Being Totally Serious.

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Mexter DcCluster will cover this more in depth during tomorrow's preview but here's some food for thought on this Thursday afternoon: Ole Miss isn't favored to beat the Lousiana Tech Bulldogs on Saturday; our Rebels have a legit shot of losing this one.

This isn't in any way me saying that we will or that I have some bizarre desire for such to take place, but the Ole Miss Rebels have performed so poorly this season that I would personally find it hardly surprising were we the worst case scenario actually to take place. My reasoning? Let's look at what LA Tech has done so far this season:

  • The Bulldogs are 5-4 and 4-1 in their conference.
  • Their four losses have come to Southern Miss, Houston, Mississippi State and Hawaii. Southern Miss and Houston are the class of the CUSA, meaning that both of them are actually ranked in the BCS standings. Mississippi State is in the Southeastern Conference (MEANING THAT THEY ARE UNSTOPPABLE S-E-C! S-E-C!), whereas Hawai'i just sorta lucked into playing LA Tech in Hololulu.
  • Against Southern Miss, Tech rallied late on the back of good defense and special teams (including a kick return for a touchdown), but couldn't beat the Eagles, falling 17-19.
  • Against Houston, 211 passing yards were combined with 233 passing yards to give LA Tech a balanced and powerful offensive output against one of the now few undefeated teams left in college football. They nearly mirrored Houston in many major statistical categories, including total yards (444 to 449), first downs (26 to 21), penalties (six apiece) interceptions (two apiece), and fumbles (one apiece). Houston had to outscore Tech 21-0 in the fourth quarter to squak out a one-point victory.
  • As you surely know, Mississippi State needed an overtime in which the Bulldogs turned the ball over to defeat them in Starkville.
  • Our one mutual opponent, Fresno State, was routed by Tech, 41-21, putting up 550 yards and forcing three turnovers in the process.
  • Then they lost to a pretty bad Hawai'i team.

Of course, we're in a lame duck administration so none of this really matters to begin with, and we're certainly not about to lose the party to a bunch of kids from Ruston, but we should still refrain from expecting anything redeeming on the gridiron in two days. Think about the "thriller" against Northwestern State during Ed Orgeron's last season, and you'll have a pretty clear idea as to what exactly we all should expect out of this game.