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Look at those stupid black jerseys. They're almost as bad as the blue helmet, jersey, and pant trio of aesthetic awfulness that the Wildcats sport on a regular basis. I hate their campus, and Lexington ain't all that great either. 

I hate Jared Lorenzen.

I hate that they've got what is basically a plug-and-play basketball program where they replace McDonald's All-Americans with more McDonald's All-Americans and are essentially guaranteed to make it to the Elite Eight every year with John Calipari as their head basketball coach.

I hate we have to play them in Lexington in November, ensuring that our players and coaches will freeze halfway to death under a gray, damp sky. I hate that their football team is pretty terrible, yet likely see this upcoming game as one they can get a win out of. I hate that we are in a position where we are able to reciprocate such a feeling.

I love bourbon.