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Rebel Roundup - October 5, 2011

Team Speed Kills Now. Predicting the Future. | Team Speed Kills
Yours truly made a special appearance on last night's Team Speed Kills podcast. Give it a listen if you've got a moment (I'm in at around the 40 minute mark) and let me know if my assessment of Houston Nutt's iminent firing is wrong.

BREAKING: Missouri Board of Curators Delegates Conference Realignment Authority to Chancellor | Team Speed Kills
So it's more-or-less a formality at this point. Mizzou will be the 14th member of the new and "improved" Southeastern Conference. Granted, there's nothing "south" or "east" about the Show Me State, but I welcome the Tigers regardless.

A Proposal for New SEC Divisions | Rocky Top Talk
Rocky Top Talk looks at what they believe should be the SEC's new divisions once Mizzou takes a formal offer to become a part of the nation's premier athletics confernece and proposes something interesting, unorthodox, and balanced. Part of me really likes this idea, whereas another part of me is saying "screw 'balance' and move Auburn to the East so we can maintain some geographic semblance."

Bribing Carolina: Making an SEC Expansion Offer the Gamecocks Can't Refuse | Dawg Sports
The Mayor takes another approach to this whole expansion talk and says "screw Mizzou, we want Clemson" and makes a very compelling yet totally moot argument as to why South Carolina's particular brand of tigers are a better fit in the Southeastern conference than those of Missouri.

Houston Nutt On Surprises |
At a Birmingham-area Quarterback Club meeting, Houston Nutt spoke of his dissatisfaction with the SEC's new recruiting rules which reduces the limit of players signed from 28 to 25. Criticize him all you'd like, oversigning haters, but Nutt's point is a valid one. These types of rules benefit the Floridas and Alabamas of the conference at the expense of the South Carolinas, Kentuckies, and Ole Misses.

Huber sees progress this fall |
Here's some baseball talk, as Chase Parham looks at the development of Rebel pictcher Brett Huber during intrasquad fall practices.