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Rebel Roundup - Halloween Edition

Chizik weighs in on Tiger win over Ole Miss | CBS 42
Happy Halloween! Be careful with that link, lest you wish to see a terrifying, blurry picture of Gene Chizik's blockheaded face. Ole Miss lost on Saturday, as you all know, which was frustrating but mildly expected. This team, for a half, showed that it has talent and a good bit of upside, so really it's just a matter of when all of this will be realized.

Houston Nutt Again Earns Photo Of The Week Honors |
Speaking of terrifying pictures...

Big second half pushes Auburn to win | SEC Blog - ESPN
Clint Mosely looked like Eli Manning against our defense, throwing for four touchdowns or something absurd like that. I don't really know the details because I'm too beat up by this season to dive too much into it on a Monday afternoon. Also, it's Halloween, and I have trick-or-treating on the brain.

Ron Higgins: Neither Ole Miss nor Tennessee can find 2nd-half games | The Commercial Appeal
There are three winless SEC teams: Kentucky, Ole Miss, and Tennessee. What is wrong with all of us, and why couldn't we have gotten a chance to play the Vols this season?

Ole Miss vs. LA Tech Kickoff at 6:30 PM |
Does it seem to anyone else like Ole Miss is contractually obligated to play a directional or vocationalish school from a neighboring state during a frigit November every single season?

Ole Miss freshmen killed in crash |
On a much more serious and somber note, our hearts go out to the families and friends of three Ole Miss freshmen - Samuel Clayton Kelly, Bryant Mason Wilbanks, and Charles Walker Kelly - who died yesterday morning in an automobile accident on I-55 in Carroll County. It is always tough to stomach the sudden loss of anyone, let alone three young men who, by all accounts, were good-spirited, ambitious people. Truly this is a tough day for the Rebel freshman class, and for them and everyone else affected by this we offer our deepest sympathies.