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Pollin': Week Ten Blog Poll and SEC Power Poll Ballots

After Saturday, I'm almost entirely sure that LSU/Bama vs. Oklahoma State/Stanford will be the BCS Championship game. I do believe that Oklahoma State is a very good football team, but they've still got Oklahoma and the BigXII Championship to worry about. Stanford has Oregon and then the Pac 12 Championship themselves. LSU or Bama will, by the misfortune of sharing a conference division, be knocked out of contention by the other.

Unless some wildly unexpected losses (Ole Miss beats LSU) happen and an unheralded Boise State squad is shot into the top two, I think we've pretty much got the championship picture laid out before us.


I have Cincy in over West Virginia because they're a Big East team with one Loss. West Virginia has two. Neither team is all that great so it really doesn't matter anyway.


  2. Alabama - I don't know how long I'll last hearing ESPN et al talk "Game of the Century" talk for the third or fourth time this century during the next five days.
  3. Arkansas - Is this really the third best team in the conference?
  4. South Carolina - Could it be this team?
  5. Georgia - Or even this team?
  6. Auburn - It's not this team, but they're still better than...
  7. Florida - ...this team, which could very well lose to...
  8. Vanderbilt - ...this one.
  9. Mississippi State - Wild upset of Alabama or Arkansas aside, State's bowl eligibility will rest on the Egg Bowl.
  10. Tennessee - Here are the conference's winless squads. Pick your poison. I have Tennessee at this spot, but they could reasonably be...
  11. Kentucky -, but certainly not...
  12. Ole Miss -, because our Ole Miss is pretty dadgummed bad.