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Pollin': BlogPoll and SEC Power Poll Ballots after Five Weeks

Russell Wilson and the Wisconsin Badgers are tops in the B1G, but where do they stack up nationally?
Russell Wilson and the Wisconsin Badgers are tops in the B1G, but where do they stack up nationally?

This is deep enough in the college football season for us pundits - both professional and amateur - to know who exactly isn't champion caliber material, but not yet deep enough for us to pencil anyone in as a champion-to-be. There simply hasn't been enough football played and, well, that's exciting; there's still a lot of exciting, important games which remain on the season's schedule. Nevertheless, we're giving it the old college try with our BlogPoll and SEC Power Poll ballots thus far.

Through the first five weeks of the season, the Cup's BlogPoll ballot looks something like this:

Arkansas, Georgia Tech, Michigan, Texas, Wisconsin and aothers rise a bit after their wins, while Baylor, Virginia Tech, Florida and Nebraska take some sizeable tumbles. Once again, the SEC West and BigXII (-III) South are the best divisions in college football.

The SEC Power Poll ballot this week gave me a depressingly rare opportunity to rank Ole Miss higher than 11 or 12 so, naturally, I took advantage of that. Suck it, State.

  1. LSU - I've gone back and forth as to who to rank higher - LSU or Alabama. And while Alabama's win over Flroida was impressive enough, I think we all canagree that iwns over Oregon and West Virginia trump the Tide's victories over Penn State and Florida.
  2. Alabama - I don't think of them as a number two as much as I think of them as a 1-and-a-half in the conference.
  3. Arkansas - Color me impressed with their second half against Texas A&M.
  4. Florida - Would you rank anyone below any higher?
  5. Auburn - The Auburn Tigers and Georgia Bulldogs are perhaps much better than we initially anticipated.
  6. Georgia - VENGEANCE!
  7. South Carolina - The SEC East favorites might be on the outside looking in.
  8. Vanderbilt - Where else do you put them?
  9. Tennessee - They played somebody this past week? Did anybody notice?
  11. State - Lame.
  12. Kentucky - Double lame.