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I hate not having an opponent to hate for this week. I hate that our football team performed well enough on the road against the third or fourth best team in California to give us fans enough optimism to carry through the next two weeks before it grows into irrational predictions regarding the Alabama and Arkansas games. I hate that it took our coaches four weeks to figure out our quarterbacking situation (assuming that they've figured it out at all, of course). I hate things like not-blogging about nothing.* I hate feigning enough interest to watch other teams play football.** I hate having my Saturdays to run errands and stuff.*** I still hate Mississippi State, but that's a 24/7/365 type of deal for any Ole Miss Rebel worth his or her salt.

What are you hating this bye week?


*This is a lie. We're going to have plenty of stuff to talk about this week.

**This is also a lie. 

***This is most assuredly a lie.