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Rebel Roundup - October 3, 2011

Final: Ole Miss 38, Fresno State 28 | College Football Nation Blog - ESPN
It's a win! A win against a respectable-ish team two timezones away! I'll take it. No, I won't let it fool me into thinking we can turn this into any SEC wins, but it certainly makes your weekends better to cheer for a winning club.


Flaws surface for Bulldogs in loss to Ole Miss | Fresno Bee
Fresno might have a record of success against BCS schools, but they are now a mere 0-5 against SEC squads after Saturday's matchup against our Rebels. Big plays were the key to the Rebel victory, as well as the Bulldog's inability to create significant mismatches.


SEC Football Topics for Discussion, Week 5 | Team Speed Kills
Among other topics of discussion for this week of SEC football, Team Speed Kills asks what exactly we can take away from the Fresno State victory as any sort of positive to brighten up the outlook for the remainder of the season.


Exploring the storied history of the Ole Miss campus |
Loran Smith of the Athens Banner-Herald got quite the Ole Miss experience during the Ole Miss vs. Georgia weekend (no, this isn't an old article; it was published yesterday), and couldn't help but leave our fair corner of this here Earth with anything but a great impression. Among other things, he tailgated in the Grove, received a tour of the Ole Miss campus from Robert Khayat himself, and capped off his evening with a dinner at City Grocery.


Ole Miss player death case now in Lafayette County | Houston Chronicle
The Bennie Abram wrongful death case has moved from Jackson to Lafayette County per a judge's order to change venue. You lawyerly types could explain this better than I could so I'll leave it at the explanation given by the linked article: "the...suit should be heard in Lafayette County because that's where Abram died and most of the plantiffs are located."