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Rebel Roundup - October 28, 2011

Auburn ready for Ole Miss | WLTZ 38
What does Gene Chizik think the biggest challenge he'll face this weekend as his Tigers play our Rebels? The Ole Miss special teams (which, admittedly, have been pretty good this season).

Auburn's Gene Chizik, Gus Malzahn searching for offensive spark against Ole Miss |
Well, Gus and Gene, I don't think you'd be hard pressed to find this spark against the Rebels. (An aside: now that Gus Malzhan doesn't have Cam Newton or the offensive backfield of Arkansas circa 2007, does he start to look less impressive as an offensive coordinator? I know he had significant success at Tulsa, but even that can't distract me from noticing that Auburn's a whopping 9th place in the SEC in total offense.)

Ole Miss welcomes return of junior forward Murphy Holloway |
The NCAA cleared him a month-ish ago and the SEC cleared him just this week. I did not know that conferences had to give the go-ahead on player clearance as well but whatever, he's ours again. It may take Murph a while to get acclimated once again to playing the game at a high level, but I highly doubt he's out of shape. For those of you whose memories don't keep anything longer than a year-and-a-half, Holloway averaged 10 points and 7 rebounds two seasons ago for the Rebels as a sophomore.

SEC Graduation Success Rates for Football & Men's Basketball | Team Speed Kills
Kleph, in his continuing quest to document and chart seemingly meaningless metrics by which to measure SEC athletics programs, takes a look at the graduation rates of the SEC's football and men's basketball programs. Ole Miss is second to last in graduation rate of football players with just over 50% of all footballers earning a degree, whereas the Rebel basketball team is second in the country and above the national average with just around 70% of its athletes staying in school until graduation. Whodathunkit?