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Pollin': BlogPoll and SEC Power Poll Week Nine Ballots

I had to fill this out in a hurry, so I just sorta winged it (wung it?) by giving what I thought were appropriate poll jumps for the winners and tumbles for the losers. Take THAT, Wisconsin, Auburn, West Virginia and Oklahoma! My balloting methodology may be simple at times, but it's effective; I earned the "Mr. Numb Existence award from SB Nation's Andy Hutchins for having the ballot which most closely resembles the poll results at large. 

The SEC Power Poll ballot is after the jump.

It's pretty clear who the tops and bottoms of this conference are in 2011 (though I'd say we are clearly a power bottom), with the middle being a bit more muddled. Here's my best guess at numbers one through twelve in the Southeastern Conference.

  1. LSU - BCS #1, SEC #1, Crazy wierdos #1
  2. Alabama - I'd be totally fine with Alabama or LSU being handed the crystal ball after they play. That's how far above the rest of the country they are.
  3. Arkansas - Lost the moral victory this weekend.
  4. South Carolina - Really shouldn't have lost to Auburn.
  5. Georgia - Lookee here, the Dawgs could maekthe SEC East race just that much more intersting (or, rather, less uninteresting).
  6. Auburn - It's okay. LSU's gonna cornole lots of people this season. It's what they do.
  7. Florida - Eh.
  8. Tennessee - Meh. 
  9. Mississippi State - Meth. 
  10. Vanderbilt - Math.
  11. Kentucky - Has anybody even watched a Kentucky game this year?
  12. Ole Miss - I'm not saying it will happen, but Ole Miss could conceivably beat Auburn, Kentucky, and Mississippi State, stumbling into a 3-5 SEC record and a possible bowl so long as the team plays the way it played against Arkansas. Again, not saying it will, but it could happen, right?