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Rebel Roundup - October 20, 2011

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RBR Film Room: Randall Mackey to Nickolas Brassell | Roll 'Bama Roll
It was the only big play the Rebels had last weekend, and Roll Bama Roll breaks it down. How did Nick Brassell separate from the Bama defense to get open enough to reel in a 50-something yard catch? (Hint: he's fast)

Ole Miss entertains No. 10 Arkansas | (Yes, "" has an article on this game)
I love Google News almost as much as I love syndication. This is likely an AP or UPI article that just gets copied and pasted on every news website with room to print it yet, for some reason, is what pops up - as opposed to, say, the Clarion Ledger - when you Google News "Ole Miss".

Lake Central's Spearman picks Ole Miss for football |
Ike Spearman, a linebacker from Lake Central high school in Indiana, committed to Ole Miss yesterday. He had offers from Louisville, Cincinnati, and a few other schools. He will, most assuredly, add depth to a very thin position group.

5 Things to Watch in the SEC |
It's been mentioned here several times that Houston Nutt has lost nine SEC games in a row, but points out that there's potential for that record setting feat to get much, much worse.

If the Rebels lose their final five league games, Nutt would match the longest SEC losing streak by one coach in the past decade. Vanderbilt's Bobby Johnson lost 14 in a row from 2002 to '03. It's doable. Ole Miss plays Arkansas and LSU at home, and Auburn, Kentucky and Mississippi State on the road.

This Rebels team could, conceivably, wind up as the worst SEC team in the past decade. That's rough, y'all.

E60: The Good Life, Patrick Willis | ESPN Video - ESPN
If the NCAA could grant permanent eligibility to any former Rebel, I'd wish it to be Patrick Willis. E60 featured PWillie yesterday, contrasting the poor, abusive household he grew up in with the fame and success he is seeing in San Francisco.

Lights, Camera, Action: Matthew Graves | The Daily Mississippian
At least our university hires better-than-competent video editors and marketers. Matthew Graves, along with Micah Ginn and a few others, is the man behind the promotional videos we at the Cup have enjoyed seeing out of our athletics department over the past few months.

My year at the University of Mississippi | The Telegraph
Benjamin Cumming, a student at the University of Edinburgh, spent this past school year on exchange at Ole Miss. What did he conclude? That Ole Miss is a fun place that takes its (losing) football seriously and its social events even more seriously; that the University of Mississippi faculty do a good job of interacting with their students; that Southern hospitality is hardly a myth; that we are all as well dressed and manicured as our reputation would suggest; and that life in Mississippi isn't nearly as atrocious as popular media would have you believe.

One of the many things regarding my alma mater of which I am proud is how well she treats her international students. I can remember meeting students from South Africa, Germany, France, Japan, and a handful of other points out yonder and I was always happy to see how well they fit in amongst the local students and townspeople.