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Pollin': SBNation Blog Poll and SEC Power Poll for Week Whicheverthisoneis


The top remains pretty stagnant, as we would expect. I flip-flopped Stanford with Clemson and Oregon with Boise State because I feel that Stanford is a better football team than Clemson and Oregon a better team than Boise. Kansas State continues to impress, while Illinois and Michigan move out of the ranks of the unbeaten and see the necessary tumbles in their respective rankings.

The SEC Power Poll results should surprise exactly nobody.

  1. LSU - We essentially are going to get the +1 format before the BCS championship game with LSU playing 'Bama and Oklahoma State playing Oklahoma.
  2. Alabama - Let's call them co-#1 for now.
  3. Arkansas - WPSMFER
  4. Auburn - Used... defense? To defeat Florida?
  5. Georgia - I'm not sure where exactly to put the next three. Georgia's #5 but could easily be #7 or #8.
  6. Florida - Florida must hate Auburn and Ole Miss. They can't seem to win against either school.
  7. South Carolina - Without Marcus Lattimore and Stephen Garcia, this Carolina team is dead in the water.
  8. Tennessee - Lost ot LSU. Nobody noticed.
  9. Vanderbilt - Played hard against Georgia and, had the ball bounced their way, could have won.
  10. Mississippi State - Bad
  11. Kentucky - Worse
  12. TSUN Old Piss Weebuls Black Bears - WORST (tradition!)