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Alabama 52-Ole Miss 7: Game Recap

Well, that was brutal in all senses of the word. We were out-gained 615-141. After a solid first half, the Tide scored 28 points in the third quarter to race away with the win. I feel violated. I feel like I should have watched The Wire to prepare for what Trent Richardson would do to us. Instead, I just sat there, drinking to numb the pain. It was not fun in any sense of the word. I have seen a good number of Rebel ass kickings, but that was genuinely disgusting and disheartening to watch. I'll share my thoughts on the game itself below.


There is nothing I have to say. I'm sorry if you were looking for something in-depth. I just don't have the heart to write an analysis for this. If you actually want to read about the game, here's ESPN's breakdown. For now, let's move onto Hate Week and forget about this madness.