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Where Do We Go From Here?

A proper game recap well come along shortly, as if any sort of analysis or discussion could even be relevant in the face of yesterday's truly historic loss.

An SEC opponent has never scored more than 50 points on Ole Miss. Ever. The last conference opponent to win by such a lopsided margin over Ole Miss was Florida in 1981 by a score of 49-3. The last time Ole Miss lost by a similar margin at home was against Kentucky in 1949, John Vaught's third year as head coach, by a margin of 47-0. So by all measures, Ole Miss hasn't experienced a loss that bad for at least as long as I have been alive, if not ever.

I would say something cliched like "if this doesn't get Houston Nutt fired, then nothing will" but even that's a waste of space. We all know he's fired. No, he won't resign this week, commit ritual seppuku, burn Pete Boone's house down clad in the new bear suit, or any other Sprivals-ish rumors you're hearing. He'll be fired or "resign" at the end of the season because, like his offense, his ousting will be both boring and predictable. Sorry to burst bubbles, y'all.

So, to harken back to the title of this entry, where do we go from here as fans? As for me, I'll be at the game this weekend. I'll be in the Grove (details on Red Tent Rebellion forthcoming) enjoying the company of old friends, the flavors of Memphis' best pulled pork, and thinking of how much I miss one of America's greatest college towns. I'll go to Vaught-Hemingway Stadium and ho-hummingly cheer on the Rebs in what is surely to be yet another losing effort. After that I'll share drinks and good company at City Grocery. The morning after that I'll stuff John Currence's breakfast in my smugly grinning mouth. And I'll be totally content with all of that, football loss aside. It will be a wonderful weekend, all because I, like most Ole Miss fans at this point, am suffering from significant case of football apathy.

Hotty Toddy. Let's make this upcoming HATE WEEK one to remember.