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Around the SEC West or Oh no. We have to play all these guys.

#2 Alabama 6-0 (3-0 SEC)

Alabama allowed 190 yards against Vanderbilt in a "thrilling" 34-0 win. I wonder how many Bama fans have just gotten incredibly bored at every game so far this season. It has to be dull to watch games that are never close. Of note in this game, AJ McCarron appeared to be settling in as a Bama quarterback with 237 yards on thirty attempts with four touchdowns and no interceptions. He's just in time to have a second straight career game when Alabama travels to Oxford Saturday at 5 on ESPN2. You can decide for yourself whether you want to watch the game.

#10 Arkansas 5-1 (1-1 SEC)

The Razorbacks put the hurt on Auburn Saturday with a 38-14 win. The media is billing Tyler Wilson's 24/36 for 262 yards with 2 TDs and no INTs as the story of the game. I don't understand that, as it's obvious to me that Auburn quarterbacks' 9/25 for 104 yards with three picks and no touchdowns is much more the reason the game turned out as it did. Arkansas' pass defense has come a long way over where it was two years ago. The Razorbacks won't contend with LSU or Bama this year, but they're the clear #3 team in the West. They have a bye this week.... so they can prepare for their matchup against the Rebels.

#24 Auburn 4-2 (2-1 SEC)

Auburn struggled in the passing game against Arkansas in the aforementioned 38-14 loss, but Auburn should be pleased with the play of their running game. The Tigers rushed for 291 yards on 52 carries. Moving forward, if they have any hope to finish the season in the top 25, they have to keep feeding Onterio McCalebb and Michael Dyer. The ball cannot stay in the hands of Barrett Trotter. Auburn plays Florida at home Saturday night at 6. I believe it's a must watch game for anyone who doesn't care about Ole Miss anymore.

#1 LSU 6-0 (3-0 SEC)

LSU beat Florida 41-11. This is getting ridiculous. The LSU offense barely has to produce for LSU to crush people, as the team scored a point for every ten yards of offense they produced. Florida was held to 100 yards passing and never had a chance. The Tigers play Tennessee in Knoxville this weekend in what is sure to be an incredibly boring game. It's the 2:30 CBS game. 

Mississippi State 3-3 (0-3 SEC)

Mississippi State made us all sad when they came back from trailing UAB 3-0 at the half and won their game 21-3. It was simply too much for which the Rebel fans could hope. I didn't get to watch the game, so I can't comprehend how State averaged 9.2 yards per pass and 4.7 yards per carry but had so much trouble producing points early. Anyone pay attention to it? State takes on South Carolina at 11:21 on the SEC Network. It should be an interesting game if for nothing more than the ability to watch Jadaveon Clowney take on FalseStart McLeftTackle for MSU.