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Rebel Roundup - October 13, 2011

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It was a lot of fun last night. Kleph from Roll Bama Roll did a fine job. Give it a listen (scroll down and press play on the widget) when you get a moment.

Alabama looking to avoid slow start at Ole Miss | The Crimson White
What exactly would a slow start for Alabama be? An Ole Miss kickoff return for a touchdown? Mark Barron not getting a pick-six in the first quarter?

Rebels ready to ride with Mackey | SEC Blog - ESPN
Remember how Mackey kinda-sorta should have been our starter all along? It's almost like David Lee and Houston Nutt can't sustain themselves without a quarterback controversy and are therefore privy to simply manufacturing one.

Ole Miss coach Houston Nutt heaps the praise on No. 2 Alabama |
Houston Nutt concludes that Alabama is "just a solid, solid football team." I couldn't agree more, coach. I remember one time when my NEJSO squad was absolutely obliterating some hapless team. We were up like 7-0 or something. Anyway, our coach told us to let the other team score as to not crap all over their 11-year-old senses of self-esteem, so we did. Final score was, I dunno, 8 or 9 to 1. That's how we'll score on Alabama, if and when Nick Saban feels bad for us (which he won't because he's a robot incapable of feeling remorse, amongst other human emotions).

Mike Leach Job Watch: Scouring The Seas For A Worthy Vessel |
SB Nation's resident college football geek and guru (and Mizzou blogger) Bill Connelly looks at the potential coaching opportunities for Mike Leach and concludes that, while Ole Miss may seem attractive, he's more likely to wind up in Lexington than he is in Oxford.

Transit demand high on Miss. college campuses | The Clarion-Ledger
This isn't sports, but it's Ole Miss related. I know it's not all that fratty to get to and from class via any method other than your Tahoe (illegally parked, of course), so it's refreshing and somewhat surprising to see that alternative and effecient methods of travel are being welcomed in Oxford. With the new ZipCars, O.U.T., and bike sharing programs students really do have more options than they did just four years ago during my undergraduate stint.