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Pollin': SB Nation BlogPoll and SEC Power Poll Ballots for Week Seven

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There isn't a whole lot of movement in the top of this week's ballots because everybody won. Wisconsin didn't play but they've been too impressive just to drop all that much over a bye week. The bottom of the ballot, though, is a bit more interesting.


With Texas, Florida, Florida State, and Texas Tech all losing this past week, it gave me cause to replace them with previously unranked South Carolina, Washington, USF, and Houston (who is very quietly at 6-0 so far this season... Kevin Sumlin for Ole Miss?). Everyone else who jumped up a bit reflects these drops, especially Florida's meteoric crash.

The SEC Power Poll ballot is after the jump, y'all.


  1. LSU Tigers - Number one in the country, unless Houston Nutt has anything to say about it AMIRITE Y'ALL I AM SO RIGHT!
  2. Alabama Crimson Tide - Will use Ole Miss as a warmup game for the rest of the season. Will also break Zack Stoudt for the hell of it.
  3. Arkansas Razorbacks - On today's Head to Head Radio, Richard Cross pointed out that Arkansas would likely be the best or second best team in the Pac 12, Big XII, Big Ten, or ACC, and would certainly be the undisputed champ of the Big East. Problem is, though, they're in the SEC West.
  4. South Carolina Gamecocks - Will decimate Mississippi State this weekend, yet somehow still seem unimpressive while doing so.
  5. Florida Gators - Fun fact if you haven't yet heard: this week's AP poll has zero teams from Florida on it. That hasn't happened since 1982.
  6. Georgia Bulldogs - A Georgia win in Neyland ain't what it used to be.
  7. Auburn Tigers - Auburn's on the right track.
  8. Tennessee Volunteers - Without Tyler Bray, Tennessee could plummit. Significantly.
  9. Vanderbilt Commodores - I can't drop them below Ole Miss, y'all. C'mon.
  10. Ole Miss Rebels - A respectable-ish loss to Alabama could see a rise in the Rebs in this poll. That's how disparate the SEC is.
  11. Mississippi State Bulldogs - Don't ever go to Legion Field again. Consider this a lesson learned. (Oh, and you opened the season in the Liberty Bowl? Are you trying to give your fans the shittiest possible college football road trips, Stricklin?)
  12. Kentucky Wildcats - Yes, they are worse than we are.