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I hate that we always lose to Alabama, but it's not just that. I hate that it's not because of our own incompetence, bad luck, or uncontrollable outside forces (Doyle Jackson aside), but because their football teams are simply better than ours. They're bigger, faster, smarter, much more capably coached and viciously supported by their fans, a perfect storm of positive forces which haven't come together in Oxford since the late 1950's.

I hate that they're doing so well while we're doing so poorly, that I can't even muster up some half-hearted hatred for the Tide. I hate that their BCS Title contention is, now that Nick Saban's in control, a foregone conclusion year-in and year-out. I hate that, fluke occurrences aside, their matchup against LSU will be a de facto national championship game. I hate that we Rebels relish in victories over Alabama in things like Basketball and Baseball so that we can take our minds off of the fact that we haven't defeated the Tide since 2003.