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Monday Discussion: Best. Game. Ever.

Saturday, I made the trek down I-81 from my humble abode in our nation's overpriced capital to Blacksburg, Virginia, where the Virgina Tech Hokies played the Miami Hurricanes. I spent most of Saturday drinking warm beer in a parking lot, getting sunburned, and asking strangers where I could buy a Marcus Vick jersey. These things are related. But it was a great game, and I got to be there for this: 

Fans in Lane Stadium Go Crazy to Enter Sandman - End of Game: Miami vs. Virginia Tech (via GameDayESPN)

Around the minute-and-a-half mark of that video, I had one of those thoughts that seems profound at the time--"you know, this is a hell of a game." And it was. All of these sun-poising induced thoughts led to wonder about the best game ever--you know, one of those games where you leave knowing that you'll be able to brag about being there for the next couple of years.

And since this Kirby Smart-led, Gandalf-inspired (YOU SHALL NOT PASS) defense will probably limit much of our optimism leading into this game, let's take a moment to reflect on the games we've seen--Ole Miss or otherwise--where we've been happy leaving. Sure, it's tough to compare other teams' games to Ole Miss games, simply because the level of emotional involvement isn't the same. That being said, there is a lot of collective football attendance among us Cuppers. Let's get to reminiscin'.