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SEC Basketball Enters First Weekend of Play: PICKS

Our preview of the SEC as it matters to Ole Miss' chances of an NCAA berth is complete, so now we move into conference play for realz.

The first weekend of SEC action is not without some uncertainty and possibility of upsets. We'll have an more indepth look at the Rebels and Gators before the Saturday tip-off, so this will be a sneak peak at what will happen there (OMG SNEAK PEAKS R 4 VIPS!!!11).

#11 Kentucky at Georgia: Some intrigue here considering UGA has some high level talent, Trey Thompkins and Travis Leslie (who can dunk with his feet he's so good around the rim), and the 'Dawgs are undefeated in Athens thus far. Rebel fans, watch this game closely as I believe UGA and Ole Miss are roughly equivalent to this point in the season and will be a good foreshadowing to the Wildcats' visit to Oxford. Kentucky 76 Georgia 70

#24 Vanderbilt at South Carolina: USC is tough at home usually, but they don't have the star power that Devan Downey provided last year in some of their upset victories in Columbia. Vandy should be able to grind this one out in a boring and efficient fashion. Vanderbilt 68 South Carolina 59

Tennessee at Arkansas: Tennessee will be without head coach Bruce Pearl going into a typically hostile Fayetteville. However, the Vols are coming off a triple digit effort and throttling of Memphis. Arkansas' last game was not close either but not in a good way with Texas rolling over the 'Hogs. CLOSAH THAN THE PUNDITS PRADIKT. Tennessee 72 Arkansas 69

Alabama at Mississippi State: Renardo Sidney gives MSU a fighter's chance this year (pun intended) against all SEC West opponents. Anthony Grant's efforts at Alabama continue to be unimpressive as he leans heavily on JaMychal Green for EVERYTHING. Miss. St. 81 Alabama 72

LSU at Auburn: If the SEC tilt for Saturday was countries, this game would be Somalia. Auburn has improved in the past two weeks, which is like saying a 2 year old walks better this year than the one before. The Tiger/Plains/EaglesmenNewtonians lost to some atrocious teams early on this year, and there is no real confidence in picking them here. Just can't think of a good reason to pick a team that lost to Nicholl's State earlier this year either. Auburn 60 LSU 59

Ole Miss at Florida: The Gators are fairly hot right now coming off an impressive win over Rhode Island. It's not that the Rams are an unbeatable team, but Florida embarrassed them and shot nearly 50 percent from behind the arc in the process. Definitely a scary time to play this team in Gainesville. Ole Miss just hasn't put together 40 minutes of high level play this year, so the Gators are the pick to win. Florida 84 Ole Miss 76