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Rebel Roundup - January 27, 2011

We Can't Help The Weather, Despite Our Best Wishes
Heavy snowfall and power outages kept us out of the loop yesterday. We promise to return with a blogging fury today. We also break promises fairly often. But, worry not, because we've got lots of links today.

Oh, and Juco was on the Radio in Oxford
Did anybody hear it? No? Well that's alright I guess...

The question that EDSBS' Holly Anderson asks regarding Mark Duvall's stupider than hell bill (the "logical" foundations of which we ridiculed earlier this week): How would Jesus troll, y'all? The ensuing 600+ comments worth of discussion is worth your perusal if you've got time to kill or live a very lonely life.

Ole Miss leads Mississippi State in recruiting |
With CJ Johnson switching his commitment from Mississippi State to Ole Miss (and the hilarious backlash that has since ensued) happening shortly after Tobias Singleton and Floyd Raven's commitments, the Rebel recruiting class is looking to become one of the best Ole Miss has ever had. You best believe we're going to have outrageous Signing Day coverage next week, as with every week. We know that 'crootin doesn't automatically equal wins on the field, but the drama is just too much for us to ignore.

Facebook turns recruiting experience into ‘living nightmare'  |
CJ Johnson's Facebook spurning of Mississippi State and commitment to Ole Miss has sparked a good bit of chatter and shone some light on the downright creepiness of college recruiting. Here's the Atlanta Journal Constitution's take on this...

C.J. Johnson latest elite recruit to meet trouble on Facebook |
...and here's Sports Illustrated's Andy Staples, who does a masterful job of actually telling the story in an entertaining fashion. And, since he essentially engaged in a little Facebook creepiness himself in writing this, taking snippets off of all sorts of recruits Facebook walls to demonstrate just how far-flung the practice of "stalking and harrassing a high school student to play football for the team you root for" has gone, one could argue that Andy Staples is not only a journalist, and not only a sports journalist, but a gonzo sports journalist as well. Hunter S. Thompson would be proud (not at all).

Former UM football player to be honored at halftime of Saturday hoops | Veazey
Because he won't mind, I'll just snag the gist of the story right off of Veazey's page and post it... here:

The Ole Miss chapter of the National Football Foundation and the College Hall of Fame will honor Jimmy "Tank" Crawford with its Distinguished American Award.
Here’s how a UM news release explains that award: "The Distinguished American Award is presented each year by the Ole Miss Chapter to individuals who have carried the lessons learned on the football field into a life of service to their community and fellow man."

So congratulations are in order for Tank Crawford. Sir, with a nickname like Tank, everybody knows you done good. Our cups are raised to you.

Ole Miss Sports dot Com Links
The corporate headquarters have been killing it as of late. Here are four things they've put together that we imagine you all will be interested in. 

Ole Miss' Dickerson hired as Gardner-Webb coach |
Congratulations, coach. We're glad to have had you at Ole Miss. Best of luck to you at Gardner-Webb.