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EDIT: Rebel Commit Charged With Assault

[A tip of our hats go to RebelBarrister for the additional information. Edits are reflected below and additional information is after the jump.]

I have yet to enjoy my second cup of coffee, so I'm not processing any of this well enough to elaborate (at least lucidly), but sources of the Cup close to the situation have informed us of the details surrounding a rumor currently swirling about various messageboards and other sites that Tobias Singleton, the Army All-American wide receiver commit to the Rebels, has been arrested and charged with assault and possessionof drug paraphernalia. He, along with his brother and father, is alleged to have assaulted a Tobias' ex-girlfriend (Tobias'? His brother's? Both of theirs? We don't know.) who notified the police of this assault earlier this week - which is interesting, because the incident allegedly occurred in mid-December. who then, during an arrest, found something related to the smoking of "marijuana", an apparently popular, albeit illegal, illicit substance.

The details of the allegations are unknown to us and our sources, but we do know that an arrest has been made. If the allegations are true, then this is a fairly serious matter with which I hope Tobias, our coaches, and Madison Central High School all handle appropriately.

I'm not going to be subtle with this: assault is a big deal, and it is something which I do not feel our program should accomodate. If criminal charges go through, and Tobias Singleton is indeed found guilty of assaulting a person, I would hate for my alma mater's football program to allow him to be a part of the team while carrying out his punishment. I'm no lawya, but I imagine that such charges can result in probation, jail time, fines, and other petty and poor deterrents. Regardless, he should be left to the law if he is in fact guilty. Assault is, to me, a fairly serious crime which should not be taken lightly by any of the involved parties nor related agents. [Bla bla bla I'm a preachy idiot in the mornings bla bla bla]

The weed thing though... eh, like anyone's surprised there. Oh no, a footballer enjoyes cannabis, everything that I know is no more. The horror. /deadpan /dismissivehandwank 

As with such incidents, there is another side to this story which differs greatly from what was initially reported (namely that Tobaias Singleton, his father, and his brother, using their super-human strength and chainsaw feet, kicked over $3,000 worth of damage into a person's car after Tobias punched said person in the face). The statement below comes from Singleton's attorney.

Tobias and his family absolutely deny the charges made against them, and it is extremely unfortunate that their names are being disparaged.  The charges stem from an incident on December 13, 2010 in which Tobias’ former girlfriend came to his apartment complex.  Tobias attempted to end the relationship he had with the girl.   The girlfriend became enraged.  She assaulted Tobias, and Tobias removed himself from the situation.  Witnesses confirm that the girlfriend then struck Tobias’ car with a tire jack.  Tobias took the tire jack away from her.  Family and friends then interceded and Tobias left the scene.  The ex-girlfriend then returned to her car and proceeded to ram Tobias’ car approximately four times causing extensive damage to both vehicles.  Police were called.  The girlfriend alleged that Tobias assaulted her and blamed the damage to her car on Tobias and his family.  After observing the girl and conducting interviews, the police found there was no cause to arrest Tobias or any member of his family, but they were warned to stay away from the girl.  Tobias’ mother’s insurance company paid for the damage done to Tobias’ vehicle.  Approximately one month later, and after apologizing to Tobias and his family, the ex-girlfriend’s mother – who was not at the scene -- filed charges against Tobias, his father, and his two brothers.  Tobias’ brothers had no interaction with the girl at any time on the day of the incident, and the father merely told the girl to drive away.  Neither Tobias, nor any of his family members, struck this girl or damaged her car.  We are hopeful that, upon a full investigation of the matter, these charges will be dismissed.  Tobias and his family are considering their options with respect to these false charges.

There is definitely a lot to this story and I certainly haven't a clue what actually happened. If my opinion mattered, though (it doesn't), I would say that the fact that these charges were filed just over a month after the incident is alleged to have occurred lends creedence to Singleton's side of the story. Of course I'm baised, but I'm calling it as I see it as best as I can through these red and blue glasses.

Sources also say that the assault charges are expected to be dropped, but that's more conjecture and perhaps wishful thinking at this point. We'll keep folks in the loop of any developments as we receive them assuming they come from sources and folks we can trust.

Oh, and I'm sure Kyle Veazey's gonna write a several-thousand word, slanderous exposee on Singleton and Houston Nutt's crimes and subsequent coverups in an attempt to subvert Ole Miss*/totally ignore this altogether to protect the interests of the TSUN Black Bares@!!**