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Rebel Roundup - January 20, 2010

Rebels suffer another tough SEC setback | The Clarion-Ledger
This is the first time since the 1999-2000 season that the Ole Miss Rebels have opened SEC play with an 0-4 record. Certainly, few expected, even before the beginning of the season, a Rebel victory in Memorial Gymnasium, the SEC's oddest venue. But that does not assuage the frustration we feel with this season. I'd wager that Coach Kennedy's seat is rather warm, and we'll have more on that from One Man To Beat this afternoon.

Vanderbilt Gets Back on Track, Defeats Ole Miss 84-74 | Anchor Of Gold
Here's a good look on last night's game from SBNation's Vanderbilt affiliate site, Anchor of Gold. It's definitely a better read than NEGATIVE SLANDT VEAZEY! HOW DARE HE REPORT THAT OLE MISS LOST?!

Brewer leaves for Ole Miss |
I love this site's URL. It's like an annoyed girl decided on it. "Ugh, it's like 'news,' okay?!" Anyway, we're excited that Gunter Brewer is here, Gunter Brewer's excited that Gunter Brewer is here, and Oklahoma State seems a bit annoyed with all of their recent coaching departures.

A Sixth Straight Championship: What Are the Odds? | Team Speed Kills
Well that's kinda interesting. Vegas thinks Ole Miss is as likely to win the BCS title next season as Georgia, South Carolina, and Mississippi State. Somewhere, a State fan is pissed and will likely take out his wrath on a Clarion Ledger blog thread over it. Even more interesting is the fact that all of the aforementioned are, according to Vegas, more likely than Auburn to win the BCS title. Alabama and LSU are, expectedly, the frontrunners.

I do find it a bit dumb, though, to come up with nearly nation-wide betting odds for a championship which reasonably only six or seven teams are capable of winning anyway but, hell, it's not my money being tossed around.