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Ole Miss Alumni Baseball Game Roster Announced

To divert your attention from 'crootin and our basketball failures, allow us to dip briefly into baseball. In a few short weeks, the Rebel baseball program will host an alumni weekend to both entertain us fans and raise money for the program. There will be a golf tournament and a social and tours of the new rennovations at OU Stadium and all of that yadda yadda. But, what you really need to know is that, on February 5, a game between the current squad and recent Rebel baseball alumni will take place. The game will feature a bevy of current professional baseballers and will be a much-welcome reprieve from what is likely to be an otherwise uneventful weekend.

Don't believe me, Rebel baseball fans? Check out this alumni lineup which I have quite shamelessly lifted from the Oxford Eagle:

P Nathan Baker (07-09)
P Aaron Barrett (09-10)
C Brett Basham (06-09)
P T.J. Beam (02-03)
P Brett Bukvich (06-09)
P Ryan Bukvich (98-99)
INF Evan Button (06-09)
OF Chris Coghlan (04-06)
INF Zack Cozart (05-07)
OF Tim Ferguson (08-10)
P/UT Stephen Head (03-05)
OF Jordan Henry (07-09)
INF/OF Justin Henry (05-07)
P Phillip Irwin (07-09)
P Lance Lynn (06-09)
INF Kevin Mort (09-10)
INF/OF Cody Overbeck (06-08)
P Drew Pomeranz (08-10)
OF Alex Presley (04-06)
INF Matt Tolbert (01-04)

Pomeranz and Lynn pitching, Coghlan and Head swinging the sticks, and the Henrys and Cozart fielding. Yeah, this ain't gonna end well for Bianco's current crop of suburbia all stars. But I do suppose that should be the point of this event and, considering the former Rebels looking to participate, I'm bummed that I'll miss it. Tickets are five bucks for general admission and free for students.

If you're close enough to Oxford to spend a day at the ballpark for an entertaining game and a worthy enough cause then I'd suggest you do so. Otherwise you're gonna watch boring movies on TBS and drink hot chocolate alone in your living room. Your choice.