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Rebel Roundup - January 18, 2011

So We Took a Four Day Weekend, What Of It
We're back-ish for the rest of the week here. We'll finish strong and bring you basketball, tennis, and maybe even some baseball news. Oh, and we can't forget about 'crootin. 

Recap: Ole Miss vs. Mississippi State | Kansas City Star
Say what you will about Dee Bost's undeserved eligibility and Renardo Sidney's fat, floppy, grumpy demeanor, because both of them can ball and showed our Rebels just that this past Thursday night in the Tad Pad. For the past few seasons, it's been the same song and dance with Andy Kennedy's teams: give the fans a reason to think that this team just may be something better than a bubble team, right before letting Rick Stansbury, John Pelphrey, or some other clown stomp all over those good feelings.

Georgia easily handles Ole Miss | The Commercial Appeal
...and then there's the annual "lose a game in an absolutely embarrassing fashion once the wind's already been taken out of the sails" routine. I'll admit, Kennedy caught me by surprise here; I thought this would come a bit later. But at least we know now that this whole season has been for a wash well before February which frees up much needed time and resources to, you know, pay attention to other stuff.

Defense gets attention | Veazey
Coach Kennedy had his players practice twice on Martin Luther King Day, basically telling his players to kiss his ass if they think they're just gonna sit around while not going to class (Y'all do get out of class for MLK day, right? I haven't been to class since 2008 and, having graduated from Ole Miss, my memory is hazy. Refresh it.). The focus of these two practices was the Rebel defense which, just as with the football counterpart, has been atrocious as of late. I would imagine that these two practices will have been in vain come tomorrow against Vanderbilt, but one can hope something good comes of it I suppose.

Ole Miss Receives Warning for 'Crootin Violation |
Last September, our coaches sent written scholarship offers to several high school juniors which, per NCAA regulation, is verboten. Houston Nutt doesn't give a damn, though, as he's coaching on his last leg it seems.
Also, violations and such aside, follow this link to see a bizarre and hardly apt Lost In Space reference. I mean , I get it, but I don't get it.

Year-End College Football BlogPoll Rankings |
Guess who's not on there!

Campus arrests up at Ole Miss in '10 | The Clarion-Ledger
The greatest rise in offenses from 2009 to 2010 were drug-related which, if you watched any Ole Miss sports this past year, makes perfect sense.