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Ole Miss loss to Florida: Didn't this happen Saturday?

Yeah, it did, sorry.

I've been busy shoveling ice off my car, playing NBA 2K11 and having spotty internet the past three days. So yeah.... really important stuff.

Also, I got wasted after the basketball game, and the recap would've read like what is after the jump.

These text messages are direct from my cell phone to GOJC after the game:


I'm glad all those florida fans took some time off from sucking tim tebows dick to attend a bball game. Great to be a fla gator...if you like hep c and jorts. FAK.

DAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMIIIIIIIITTT. Whatever i'm over it, didn't think we'd win anyways.


See? That does no one any good. Also, some of you may have decided you never want me to have your cell phone number or want to watch a game with me.

We lost, yes, but the game went pretty much as expected. Florida might be the best team in the SEC, and after their victory in Knoxville last night, they are building a nice resumé for March.

The Gators won by having four experienced SEC players score in double digits, by getting Reginald Buckner out of the game and by attacking the rim with ferocity. Also, making two clutch 3's down the homestretch never hurts (actually it kills me to watch them and literally killed our chances of winning).

Next up is the Mississippi State Bulldogs on Thursday on ESPN2. But first, it's the Rebel of the Game poll.