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Congratulations, Auburn

Some might call this championship controversial. Some might call you cheaters. Some might put dollar signs in front of Cam Newton's name [Get it? Because, you know, it looks like the word "scam" when you do that? C'mon, you saw what I did there, right?! /stateorbamafan'd]. Some* might still not have a clue as to how in the world Gene Chizik, in two years, went from a losing coach at Iowa State to a BCS winning coach at Auburn. And some might just hate for the sake of hatin'.

But y'all don't care right now, nor should you. You're the undefeated BCS National Champions. So congratulations. Celebrate like you know you should.

I have nothing more to say. Enjoy the offseason, everyone. The Rebels kick off against BYU in 235 days so, please, find something productive to do over the next eight months or, at the very least, feign interest in Rebel basketball and baseball for a while.

*That'd be "everyone alive."