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Rebel Roundup - January 10, 2011

Snow Day
Some of y'all have shared some pretty awesome photographs on Twitter which can be found by running the @RedCupRebellion search here. As a veteran of thick-ass, infrastructure crippling snow, I can assure you that the only things you need to survive this are thick socks, a working crock pot, and scotch. Enjoy it while you can. Just know that, in a few days, you'll hate the slushy mess that's covering everything in sight, inconveniencing your every move, and making everything outrageously cold but, for now, I understand if you've got better things to do than read our horrible opinions.

Warren Not Enough to Lift Rebels Over Gators |
Chris Warren now holds the school record, along with Erving Walker, for three pointers in a career. He and his 20 points though weren't enough to defeat the Gators in Gainesville. Andy Kennedy, though, thinks some positives can be taken out of the loss, especially the +1 rebounding margin the Rebels ended up with against a Florida team which is very strong down low. The Rebels face the Mississippi State Bulldogs this Thursday and their Georgian counterparts this Saturday. The former isn't necessarily a "must win," but could go a long way RPI-wise, whereas the latter is certainly one we cannot afford to lose.

SEC Hoops Power Poll Result | Garnet And Black Attack
We're idiots and, as such, forgot to vote in this inaugural week of the SEC Basketball Power Poll. Whoops. Anyway, we're 6th which is the best in the West (which means that, yes, 1-5 are SEC East teams and 6-12 are SEC West teams plus South Carolina).

Brunetti and Nutt Have a Good Meeting, News To Come Soon | Veazey
Barry Brunetti, the former MUS star and West Virginia Mountaineer, is likely to "commit" to transfer to Ole Miss either today or tomorrow. Brunetti is a bit shorter than desireable, standing at about six-foot-nothin, but is talented out of a shotgun, zone-read spread type of deal. He also has a very italian last name. If he were to transfer into Ole Miss (TRANSFER U!!!1 /genespage'd), he would bolster what is already a pretty impressive recruiting class.

Tobias Singleton Chooses Ole Miss over State | Ross Dellenger via The Clarion Ledger
This should come as a surprise to few. Singleton has been an Ole Miss lean for most of his recruitment and, during the Army All-American game, he chose the Rebels over State and UCLA during one of those stupid "hey, you, put on the hat which has the logo of the school you're committing to" bits. He did get his chance to "punk" State - or whatever stupid kids who watch MTV call "dicking around with" - by hovering his hand over the Mississippi State ballcap, as to indicate that as his selection of choice, before plopping an Ole Miss cap on his noggin. Since Tobias Singleton and current Mississippi State "commit" Nickolas Brassell have announced that they wish to play college ball together, it's only a matter of time before Brassell commits to the Rebs (or they all commit to State and Yancy Porter ends up in a deep, dark depression).

Oh, and there are pages and pages worth of conspiracy theories and trash talk under this article. It's definitely an excellent time waster.