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Rebel Roundup - September 9, 2010

Give it a listen. Scroll down to the post from yesterday and click play on the widget to hear yours truly lament our loss and look forward to New Orleans along with Ivory Tower and One Man to Beat. Listen to us tell bad jokes. Listen to our thoughts on the pick 'em. Oh, speaking of the pick 'em.

I took out the UK vs. WKU game and the Arkansas vs. ULM game in favor of Florida State vs. Oklahoma and Miami vs. Ohio State. I hope you won't mind.

College Football BlogPoll is Up
Either our ballot wasn't submitted or it was tossed out as a form of ridicule. Either way, Alabama's still number one and Ole Miss doesn't get a single vote from anyone, not even in error. And follow this link for the animated BlogPoll over at Rocky Top Talk. There's a Star Wars reference in there (HINT: Colonel Reb folks ain't gonna like it).

Week 2 SEC TV Schedules | TeamSpeedKills
There are a lot of excellent games on this weekend, starting with Mississippi State and Auburn tonight. Follow the link and get your DVR ready, y'all.

SEC Precidtions: Week 2 |
Chris Low thinks the Rebels will beat Tulane. He also sees state pulling out a nailbiter on national TV tonight. Thursday games do tend to favor the home team, so it wouldn't at all be shocking were that to happen.