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Wednesday Question: Where Da Party At?

After some discussion, Ivory Tower and I have decided against setting up the Red Tent Rebellion in New Orleans. There are many reasons for this, most notably among them is the fact that there's a lot of stuff going on that weekend that many of us and you are all interested in being a part of. There's the ShArK tAnK on Bourbon, live music, the New Orleans Seafood Festival, and a bevy of incredibly exciting games throughout the country which will be undoubtedly broadcast on any and every sports bar you can stumble across in the Crecent City. We'll have plenty to do outside of the game so, we feel it best to save our tailgating efforts for more suitable experiences.

We do, however, want to have a post-game RCR meetup/party type thing. The game kicks off at 8PM. That puts it ending somewhere right around 11:15 or 11:30. Y'all know you won't be done by then (If you are done by then, well, I guess you were really tuckered from partying beforehand. That, or you're a geezer.), and y'all know we'll be in the mood for a few drinks together win or lose (WIN DAMN IT WIN), so let's tentatively plan this thing for midnight after the game.

So now, where? A few folks have suggested the following places (I've provided some links and personal annotations - feel free to elaborate):

  • Ryan's Irish Pub on Decatur and Bienville: Google Maps : Website (no page, reviews on Google) - My brother suggested this place. I've never been but he likes it. If it's an Irish Pub, that means we all know what to expect and we all know we can behave boistrously and fistfight Englishmen without reproach. It is technically in the French Quarter, but far enough away from Bourbon Street to avoid the riff-raff accompanied therewith ("Riff-raff in this case refers to underage vomit, hookers, dudes in cargo shorts and K-Swiss shoes, et cetera).
  • Ugly Dog Saloon and BBQ on Tchoupitoulas and Higgins : Google Maps : Website - In the more subdued Warehouse District, Ugly Dog isn't far at all from the Superdome and apparently has a decent sports-ish bar area. I have no idea if the food's any good or not.
  • The Avenue Pub on St. Charles and Polymnia : Google Maps : Website - For starters, the place never closes so we could, were we to have the have the vitality, party there all weekend. Secondly, being near the Garden District (The Lower Garden District? Central City? What exactly does one call this nieghborhood?) means it's not too far of a hike or a fairly cheap cab ride from the dome. And, finally, they boast 31 rotating taps with an excellent selection of both imported and domestic beers.
  • Ye Olde Original Dungeon on Bourbon and Toulouse : Google Maps : Website - I really cannot tell if y'all offer up this bar in jest or not. Having been there only once during One Man to Beat's bachelor party, I cannot really recall much of the place other than it being cramped, poorly lighted, filled with viking looking sumbitches rhythmically stomping around, and too loud to think. They do offer up a noxious concoction called the "Midnight Potion" which, as One Man can surely attest, is quite effective at making you do things you otherwise wouldn't normally do. Remember, this is a heavy metal bar. We'll be dressed in Ole Miss gameday attire. Irony doesn't even begin to describe the potential visuals here.

Of course, these are not our only options. If you've got a suggestion, please drop it below. Discuss these along with your suggestions and reach some sort of general consensus so that we may "announce" something more "official" later on this week.