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Rebel Roundup - September 8, 2010

Is Jacksonville State This Year's Appalacian State? |
Tony Barnhart is asking "will they win the FCS championship," something which, as Rebels, we really need to hope for. Such an outcome won't exactly completely save face or anything, but it will help ease the pain and redirect the narrative. And, fun tidbit that many of y'all may not have been aware of:

[Gamecock Head Coach Jack] Crowe has been on the other end of a crushing Division I-AA upset. On Sept. 5, 1992 Crowe was starting his third year as the head coach at Arkansas. But on that fateful day Arkansas lost to The Citadel, 10-3, in the season opener. A furious Frank Broyles, the Arkansas athletics director, didn’t wait 24 hours. He marched into the football offices Sunday morning and fired Crowe on the spot and named defensive coordinator Joe Kines as the interim head coach.

As the self-proclaimed Mr. College Football puts it, what goes around, comes around.

Ole Miss' Pain Rates Behind 1970 Stunner | Rick Cleveland
People (who?) had questions for Rick Cleveland and he answered. He talks about Ole Miss, State, Southern, and even Jackson State here, but his focus is, naturally, on the state's disappointing flagship.

TCU Coach to the Horned Frogs, "Don't Be The Next Ole Miss" |
The Horned Frogs' head coach, Gary Patterson, told his team not to lose to thier upcoming Ohio Valley Conference opponent by reminding them of our batshit insane loss to the Gamecocks of the Yellowhammer State. TCU plays Tennessee Tech this weekend. They won't lose.

Taylor Grocery | Taylor Takes a Taste
Taylor, some food bloggeur from Wisconsin, recently visited Oxford and did a fine job photographing and blogging about Taylor Grocery, Big Bad Breakfast, and Ajax. It's worth a look, especially if you're like me, a member of the Rebel diaspora desparate for a return to the promised land.