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Tuesday Question: Whose Season Will We Ruin?

As with Houston Nutt coached teams, we were bound to lose to someone we weren't supposed to. Of course, none of us expected it to be in double-overtime to an FCS team which we at one point led by 21, but it happened. And so, as with Vanderbilt-then-Florida in 2008 and LSU-then-TSFWCDAO in 2009, this agonizing yin will be somewhat offset by an uplifting yang against a ranked SEC opponent looking past the Rebels or succumbing to a horrible stroke of bad luck.

It will happen. We'll hoot and holler and Hotty Toddy and stuff. It will be fun. And, who knows, with the way the SEC and BCS title hunts look right now, such a loss could easily knock someone out of legitimate title contention. That would be double fun! That'd make us the kid in town who pees in the pool with a grin on his face. Delightful, huh?

So, to keep it simple, Cuppers, who will this opponent be? Our options are Alabama, a team which is likely to still be #1 by the time we play them in Tuscaloosa, a place in which our Rebels have only won once (if I'm not mistaken); Arkansas, a team rooted for by crazies and also playing in a hostile environment to the Rebels; Auburn, a team we always seem to play close but come out losing; or LSU (for shiggles)?