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Rebel of the Week Poll

It might be a little difficult to look back on Week 1 with any sense of "achievement." But, just like we did in 2009, we will offer you a set of Rebels who did well in the previous weekend. Even when, as whole, the team did everything far short of "barely okay," there are some individual bright spots that should give us some indicia of confidence heading into the Tulane game. Specifically:

Nathan Stanley threw good looking passes, for the most part. The offense looked pretty crisp with Stanley at the helm, and the biggest mix-up with Stanley at the helm was the fumble during his third possession.

Jeremiah Masoli showed that he works pretty well in the red zone.

Brandon Bolden had 100+ yards on the ground.

Bryson Rose made both mid-range field goals.

An Damien Jackson led the league in tackles.