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Rebel Roundup - September 3, 2010

"Colonel Reb" Logo License Retired by Ole Miss |
Why this is on a Baltimore news site, I do not know, but here is a report on how Colonel Reb will no longer be on Ole Miss merchandise. As of yesterday, the license for marketers, clothing companies, etc., to use the Colonel expired meaning that, if you don't have anything with Colonel Reb on it, but would like some, you need to get what you can because it will all be gone soon. I give it a week or two tops before you won't be able to buy any Colonel stuff, which is just in time for HoTtY aNd ToDdY to take the mascot world by storm.

Mississippi's Masoli Ordered To Sit Out Season | NPR
I know that some of you may think NPR is just some radio station for those progressives and liberals and pinhead east-coast academic types (I WILL TAKE JT AND DAVE SHOW, SIR, THANK YOU), but the Masoli story made it onto the All Things Considered show. They remain stunningly neutral on the issue which is, frankly, refreshing.

SEC Best and Worst Case Scenarios | Alligator Army
Even though I think "Jeremiah Masoli stole stuff" jokes are way overplayed, I actually laughed at our worst case scenario - a Jeremiah Masoli crime spree which includes a break-in to Graceland - as dreamed up by miamiintampa at Alligator Army. Our best case scenario is a 10-3 final season after a defeat of Michigan in the Citrus Bowl, interestingly enough.

SEC West 2010 Expectations, In a Nutshell | Team Speed Kills
Arkansas fans need to read more Team Speed Kills. Year 2 has said this on his there blog a few times, but I'm going to restate it here for emphasis:

After back-to-back Cotton Bowl appearances [ED: Victories, sir], Ole Miss is probably set to take a step back this season. New coaches always have a transitional down year, and this appears to be it for Houston Nutt.

I know many of y'all weren't worried to begin with, but don't let our detractors change the narrative for you. Arkansas fans talking about how this is year three (as if the third year of a coach's tenure has some mystical quality to it) meaning it is time to put up or shut up regarding Houston Nutt's merit as a head coach, obviously don't watch much football outside of the fair confines of the Natural State. The notion that a new coach should, by year three, have all of the pieces in place to completely operate and manage his team as if he alone built it from the ground-up and in a vacuum is beyond stupid. Many coaches, even elite coaches, aren't immune to rebuilding years in their second, third, or fourth years at a job, and there are numerous examples to support this idea.