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RED CUP RADIO - A Preview, of Sorts

DOIN' IT LIVE THIS GO 'ROUND! Looking forward to having Glenn Logan from A Sea of Blue on, so click here and join in the chat. Continue to leave your inane questions below if you've got 'em.


Tonight we will be joined by Glenn Logan of A Sea of Blue, SBNation's Kentucky Wildcats blog. We plan to ask him questions but, in a Red Cup Radio first (maybe), we're going to ask you, audience, to suggest questions or topics of discussion for that particular portion of the show. You can ask anything, such as:

"What type of impact could Randall Cobb have against our weak secondary?"

"Is Mike Hartline really maturing as a quarterback under new head coach Joker Phillips?"

"What type of bourbon do you like?"

"I herd u like mudkips?"

Seriously, just whatever the hell you feel like. I can't guarantee we'll use every or anything y'all submit, but we'll do the best we can. We hope to do this for future podcast guests so if you've got anything really pithy or juicy you want to save for anyone in particular, keep this in mind.