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Rebel Roundup - September 29, 2010 - Hey, I'm Gonna Be On The Radio!

If There's Only One Thing You Pay Attention To This Morning, Let This Be It
In about two hours, I'll be appearing on Kentucky Sports Radio - using my real, non-bloggeur name and everything - to talk about this Saturday's game. Click this link right here to head to their website where they've got stuff live-streamed. You can also download the show as a podcast or MP3 once it's over if you're unable to join at the time. Or, if you're in the Bluegrass State, you can just tune into AM 1080 at 10:30 Eastern. I'm sure to fail miserably, but zomg I will be on teh radios liek a real jurnalist!1

How Big Is the Ole Miss Game | The State Journal
I have never liked how Frankfort, Kentucky is spelled with an "O" instead of a "U". If you're naming the city after the larger, more significant German counterpart, the least you can do is spell it appropriately. If you're naming it, however, after a guy named Frank who loved fortifications of all types then that's alright, I suppose. Wackily spelled cities aside, I can already answer this rhetorical question of a column title with a "however big it is for Kentucky, double that, then add a thousand, and that's about how big it is for the Rebels." A loss for the Wildcats puts them at 3-2 going into a tough slate of Auburn, South Carolina, and Georgia; while a loss for the Rebs puts them at 2-3 going into Alabama, Arkansas, and Auburn. This game is big for both teams as far as the prospects for the remainder of their respective seasons go, but I argue that Ole Miss has more on the line than Kentucky and would be hard pressed to recover from a loss.

Oh, and whoever wrote this is a surprisingly good sportswriter for such a small-market paper. He actually uses things like statistics and analysis to support his argument and convey an honest opinion, something which is becoming upsettingly rare in the mainstream media.

Injuries Taking Toll on Rebels | Veazey
As a result of the offensegasm that was the Fresno State/Ole Miss matchup, Kentrell Lockett has a torn ACL, Enrique Davis has a torn meniscus (Get well, Enrique. I know we've ragged on your play a good bit, and somewhat deservedly so, but we never wanted you hurt. I've had two meniscus tears and, while they're not at all fun, they're easy to bounce back from given the right amount of time and effort. You got this, Inricky.), Johnny Brown has a bruised knee, and Jeremy McGee has a concussion. The latter two injuries are pretty worrysome because our secondary is already incredibly underwhelming as it is.

Joker Phillips: Ole Miss Offense Changed against Fresno | More Veazey
How many "a Joker vs. a Nutt, har har har" jokes are we gonna hear from the talking heads this weekend? Probably enough, and then a little more. Joker, what say you about the Rebel offense?

Actually their offense changed a little bit from game 3 to this past game.  They went to more of the zone read, looked more like a wildcat package all the time where they’re bringing a guy in motion and running some zone reads. Defensively they’re all over the place, especially when they get you on third downs, just like everybody in this league.

I read this as "they're actually running the offense they should have been" because any coach could have seen that Vanderbilt game and said, "well, damn, Inricky up the middle doesn't so much work." /beatsdeadhorse

Oh, and by "all over the place," do you mean that our defense is "routinely out of position?" Because, yeah, they're all over the damn place, Joker.

Dulin Commits to Ole Miss | The Commercial Appeal
A sophomore from MUS, Dalton Dulin just committed to play baseball three years from now at Ole Miss. Dulin is a switch hitter and is supposedly good enough to play at third, short, or second.

Andy Katz's 50-man Wooden Award Preseason Watch List |
Our very own Chris Warren is on Katz's not-so-short list of players deserving contention for the Wooden award. Katz has always been a little high on Warren, so this comes as little surprise, but I think our congratulations are still in order for Chris.