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SEC Power Poll : Week 4 Ballot

Still #1
Still #1

Some questions were answered and still others were raised after this last week of SEC football. "How good is Alabama" was neither, because you already knew the answer to that. Still, it wasn't too tough to come up with a 1-12 for the SEC through four weeks of football, but all of this could easily change by Sunday. That's why this is fun, y'all.

  1. Alabama - Trailing in Fayetteville in the 4th quarter with perhaps the SEC West on the line? No worries, lawyaz, we'll just take a piss on Ryan Mallett's Heisman hopes and sneak out of town with a 4-point win. No sweat.
  2. Auburn - Make no mistake, South Carolina gave the Tigers that game with four turnovers. Regardless, Cameron Newton is badass enough to keep Auburn at this spot for a while. Just imagine if State had out-recruited Auburn for Newton or, even better, imagine he had never left Florida to begin with.
  3. Florida - Florida seemed to work out some offensive woes, going with the wildcat in the redzone against Kentucky. That's neat and exciting if you're a Florida fan, until you realize that nobody defends against the wildcat better than Nick Saban's Tide.
  4. Arkansas - The Razorbacks could be number one had they not completely choked against the Crimson Tide late.
  5. South Carolina - The Gamecocks could be number two had they not completely choked against Auburn late.
  6. LSU - The worst 4-0 team in America, and even LSU fans will admit that.
  7. Kentucky - A lot like Ole Miss without the losses to an FCS school and Vanderbilt. Kentucky can score plenty of points, but their defense is more than suspect.
  8. Mississippi State - Beating Georgia ain't what it used to be, but it's still better than anyone below them on the poll can boast right now.
  9. Vanderbilt - They have an SEC win. Granted, it's over the worst team in the conference, but it's still there.
  10. Georgia - Richt is so fired.
  11. Tennessee - UAB took them to the wire in Neyland. You've gotta think that somehow bodes well for our Rebels.
  12. Ole Miss - Speaking of which. :(