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Rebel Roundup - September 27, 2010

Tailgating at "The Grove" | KSEE 24
Would you believe it if I told you some out of towners came to the Grove and loved it? Well they did. Check the video beyond the link out to see an appearnce from Rebel Chuck and the very own Mrs. One Man to Beat screaming into a camera lens.

Vote For Brandon Bolden for SEC Offensive PotW |
Although I do think Cam Newton deserves it a helluva lot more, I'm still voting for Bolden because we're homers and such. Follow the link, scroll down, look on the right. There's your poll.

2010-11 SEC Key Stretch and Trap: Ole Miss | SEC
Rebel basketball coverage will begin here rather shortly, with recruiting updates coming later this week and an attempt at a comprehensive season preview shortly thereafter. Until then, though, take a look at this. I wouldn't call the prospects for this season bleak per se, but they're not great. Let's hope that our freshmen and transfers can add to this team what it has been missing for the past couple seasons.

Mississippi Team Report |
Rivals is owned by Yahoo. As anyone who has visited Dr. Saturday more than twice can tell you, Yahoo comments threads are currently in a heated battle with YouTube's comments threads over "most illogical, misspelled, racist, vulgar, and overall offensive" strings of words on the entire Internet. Oh, and 4Chan. So follow the link, read the report, and then click after the jump for a quick Message Board Idiots session from the comments threads, won't you?!

as far as it goes from a 25year miss native there is only one school for me to cheer [preposition?] on an give my money to i always have [past tense?] and always will be a diehard rebel till the day i die and so are my kids even though we live in texas now and its almost in possible to catch there games on t.v. any time they play [excruciating run-on] .but what really stinks for me is i go to the malls to try an buy something of theres and cant even find none but you can find bama florida tenn and others but not them [another run-on] you ask the people that work there and they think your crazy and you cant order anything from there website cause there always closed and i get real tired of trying so if anyone in texas knows somewhere else to get some let me know [and one big fat PUNCTUATION]

Every mistake I could find is bolded. How is this guy finding sports merchandise websites that are "always closed?" Websites with hours? And go to for your gear. There, problem solved.

The only thing worth cheering for in Oxford, MS is getting rid of the athletic director who went out of his way to get rid of Colonel Reb the mascot to be able to sign a thief and drug user who should not have been playing for at least a year. Also the Chancellor has alienated fans by supporting removing traditional songs and rigging a vote on campus that did not include Colonel Reb. Funny landsharks is promoted as a new mascot and this article mention the basically non present defense. I for one want support New Miss, I loved the tradition of Ole Miss which is ironically what brings alumni support. The Colonel Reb Foundation is where my money will be going until all the political correct thugs are gone. Somebody complain to the IHL.

Fuck this pile of herp derp. As someone pointed out earlier, do you mean to suggest that Pete Boone got rid of Colonel Reb (in 2003) with the intent of signing Jeremiah Masoli (in 2010). If so, the man's a damned visionary and should be kept in Oxford as long as possible. So you mix that, the use of the term "thug", the misuse of the term "ironically", and the condemnation of anything that has happened on campus since the turn of the millenium, and you've got a classic e-grouch.

Ole Miss and Ms.State, did not sign any players from Coahoma and Northwest Community Colleges ? Come On Man... LSU,TEXAS,ALABAMA, and FLORIDA win on local talent. Fans support is the 12 man, all these out of state players want make the grades.. I would hope Jackson State, Ms.Valley, Delta State, and Alcorn, pick some of these JC players in have the best season ever.

This is the second poster who has confused "won't" with "want." That's pretty stunning. And, really, I haven't a damn clue what this guy's point is. So we should have signed people form Coahoma and Northwest because Texas, Florida, and others win on local talent and the support of the fans is the metaphorical "12th man?" This is due primarily to out of state players either being unwilling to make grades or driven by a strong desire to do so, but between these two extremes can nary a compromise be found. All of these factors have, therefore, led this fan to pull for the FCS schools in Mississippi, all for whom he wishes good seasons. Is that it?