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Rebel Roundup - September 24, 2010

Year 2's Weekend Picks | Team Speed Kills
He's picking the Rebs to lose, and modestly so. But, at this point, would a blowout surprise anyone? I'd love a Rebel win but, as we all know, this is a "believe it when we see it" type of season. 

UK Football: Reevaluating Optimism | A Sea of Blue
Kentucky fans feel far more comfortable about next weekend's matchup with our Rebels. Good. Our plan to lull the Wildcats to sleep before really letting this tamed stallion of an offense loose is all but complete. Right?

But Betters Like Ole Miss |

Patrick Willis Ready For Dexter McCluster | National Football Post
The 49ers and Chiefs face off this weekend in a game which will see two former Ole Miss fan favorites take the gridiron as P-Willie looks to stop Dex.

One [McCluster] told was about the time as a freshman at Ole Miss that he made teammate Patrick Willis "look a little silly" with some slick moves on the field.

Patrick Willis, though,denies this ever happened. The game should be a good watch as a scrappy but successful Chiefs team looks to steal another elusive victory from a, frankly, desparate 49ers squad.

Walk-on Junen Works His Way Into the OL | ClarionLedger
So we may be starting a walk-on freshman at left guard Saturday... Eesh. Shit's gonna get real bad when we play against guys like Drake Nevis and Marcel Dareus. Regardless though, congratulations and good luck to Patrick Junen, I suppose.